Casual Jacket Ideas

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  1. I am looking for a casual jacket to wear over summer dresses. This isn't for work, so I'm not looking for blazers or anything terribly structured, but I'd like something that looks slightly better thought out than, say, a windbreaker. Any ideas?
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    I would suggest investing in some cardigans. They come in a variety of colors, don't cost much (depending on where you shop), and are easy to pack away in your bag.

    Like this:

    From J.Crew On sale for $29.99
  3. I know you said you're not looking for something that structured, but I think blazers actually look really cute with casual dresses. You could always find a cropped one with 3/4 sleeves or something.
    This jacket is really cute [but it's sold out, haha]- Something like that would be cute where it could go both casual and more formal.

    I love cute denim jackets with dresses. I have a cropped one that I got for $25 at Forever 21.
  4. I dont like showing my arms so I am a big fan of shrugs since I love dresses but they are mostly sleeveless. My favorite shrug is from White House/Black Market. It comes in black, white, and I think they just added a brown one.
    I like cardigans as well so that is a cute option and comes in different sleeve lengths.
    If you want something more structured yet casual, I second the cropped jean jacket.