Castle Rock Fire in Idaho

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  1. We are just over two weeks into this fire, and it is up to over 46,000 acres now. Thunderstorms are moving into the area of the Castle Rock Fire. A red flag warning was issued earlier today for dry lightning expected with the thunderstorms. Erratic winds related to the thunderstorms can cause extreme fire behavior creating a dangerous situation for fire crews.

    The 46,087 acre Castle Rock fire is now 55 percent contained. Resources fighting this fire include 1,670 firefighters including, 15 helicopters, 10 bulldozers, 45 hand crews and 104 engines. No lives or structures have been lost, but the high winds coming our way could change things drastically! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

    I am volunteering my time tonight, giving massages to fire fighters (I'm a licensed massage therapist). It is really cool to see how people come together in situations like this. I have to say that I am really proud of my community!

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  2. Oh wow, pippi, thank you for posting this. Very scary and it's too bad Mother Nature isn't cooperating. I hope they can get it under control soon.

    How sweet of you to give massages to firefighters! I'm sure they will appreciate it!
  3. Wow, I've been following this. What a wonderful gesture for you to help those guys out. :tup:
  4. Feel free to post pics of the firefighters who you massage.
  5. Thanks for the good thoughts Redney, Roo and Irishgal!

    I just got back a little while ago from my second night giving massage to the firefighters. What an amazing group of people. There are people here from 29 different states! I worked on people from North Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and New Mexico tonight. I'm pretty tired, but charged up at the same time. (I worked for 4 hours straight through with one potty break) It started raining (HOORAY!), so the last girl I worked on didn't get the full treatment, but I told her I would be back tomorrow, and she should come back again, so we can finish.

    Things are looking good as far as the fire goes. It is 66% contained, and most of the work today was mopping up (but they are expecting winds up to 45 miles per hour to blow through with the rain storm tonight and through the weekend, so crews are standing by to catch spot fires that may start from blowing embers). Not one single home was damaged! Amazing! and no one was seriously injured either! I heard that there was an interview on 60 Minutes this evening (or I guess yesterday, since it is after midnight) with Jeanne Pincha-Tulley, the fire commander who managed this fire. I have been SO impressed with her! She really understands how these kinds of fires work and how to shut them down quickly. I have been impressed with everyone working here. And very thankful!

    Thanks again for all your good thoughts!

    p.s. Irishgal, I didn't have time to take any pics of the firefighters. Sorry!;)