Cassis - How is it holding up?

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  1. Hi -

    For those of you who own Bbags in Cassis, how are yours holding up? I have two Cassis bags and find the handles get dirty easily as compared to other bags. Just wonder what your experience is.
  2. I have a City in Cassis and the color is starting to look a tad washed out. Also, it tends to get scratched fairly easily and I definitely baby my bags! All my other Bals seem to be heartier so maybe it's just that particular season.
  3. Hi Bisoux - I agree with you that Cassis tends to get scratched easily and when I used the Bal leather cream to nourish the leather, color came off. So I am scared of putting cream on it.

  4. I have a Cassis City, and its handles are darker than my Gris Glace City...I use both bags at almost the same amount of time and with the same level of TLC.

  5. Thanks, Lara, for the warning. I was planning to put Bal leather cream on my Cassis City to bring back some of its life...i won't anymore! :smile:
  6. Hmmmm .. your stories sound a lot like what happened to the venerable '05 Rouge Theatre and the '06 Rouge Vif! For some odd reason, the handles darkened very quickly .. and I was very surprised because I RARELY use the handles (always use the shoulder strap). Oh well, I still love my two oldies ..

    That being said, as far as the scratches are concerned .. yes, it does appear as though certain colors show the scratches more than others. Have you tried the Leather Honey as opposed to the Bal cream?
  7. I know - my RT and VIF handles darkened just by looking at them. :biggrin:

    OP - I had a Cassis City and I didn't notice that the leather scratched easier than any other color that I had. I don't think I had it long enough for the handles to darken but it didn't seem (to me) like it would be one that would darken as quickly as the older ones that Ceejay mentioned. Cassis and the newer Bals have such a heavy glaze that (I thought) was suppose to decelerate handle darkening.
  8. Ceejay - I have not tried leather honey. I take care of my bags and don't throw it around. Unfortunately the other day I used my Cassis Day, I found a scratch at the bottom of my bag (I am very sensitive...:faint:). So when I got home, I used Bal cream, then the color came off a bit. I was scared.

    Is there any way to fix darkened handles?
  9. Magjes - I found Cassis losing its shine over time while the other color Bals I have age better and maintain its lustre. My two Cassis bags are also fairly new. I use my Day bag as shoulder bag, so I don't know why the handle is darkened. Perhaps I should not touch the handles??