Cash Back on Coach from ******!

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I posted in response to the Macy's thread started yesterday, but just to reiterate, remember that you can get 6% Cash Back from Macy's through ******.

    Though Macys' Coach selection is limited, if you wait 'till Nov. 27th, you can shop in our Cyber Monday promotion that will feature increased Cash Back at hundreds of stores, including Macy's.

    The promo is 4 hours only: 11am-3pm (PST).

    So if you have your eye on a new Coach bag, try and wait till then!

    Happy Shopping!

  2. Sorry, we at ****** had a little confusion over Cash Back on Coach goods at Macy's, and you may have seen my posts saying that Macy's isn't offering Cash Back on these items.

    I'm scambling trying to clear this up.

    Just to clarify, Coach goods are in fact eligible for the 6% Macy's Cash Back thru ******.
  3. Every single post from Webec has been advertising for ******. Is there not a rule against this?
  4. Hi HauteMama, I've actually been participating in various forums not related to ****** (since I do have a huge personal interest in bags).

    There was confusion this morning regarding Coach and Macy's ability to give Cash Back to users on these products.

    Unfortunately I had to go back and correct all these posts twice (as I was given new info about Macy's policy). Ordinarily I would not be posting this frequently about the same topic.

    I sincerely apologize if it seems like Spam, and will not post about Coach anymore.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.