Cartoon Spice: The Pictures that reveal Posh's ridiculous outfits

  1. (With all due respect to Lady Beckham. I love you, darling, I think you're fabulous!)

    Cartoon Spice: The pictures that reveal Posh's ridiculous outfits

    Last updated at 01:39am on 10th October 2007

    (Courtesy of the Daily Mail)

    This week she was ridiculed for dressing as Big Bird. But then Posh always has been Cartoon Spice...

    Who's that thin bird with Big Bird? She could have come straight from an episode of children's favourite Sesame Street

    De Vil in disguise: Mrs Beckham on a photoshoot in Paris this week, and Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians

    Bring the car round, Parker: Posh as Thunderbirds' Lady Penelope

    Nightie night: Looking a dead ringer for Clara, in reality TV cartoon Drawn Together

    Bat girl: Posh as a baseball icon trying to impress America
    bigbird0910_468x566.jpg cruellaDM0910_468x418.jpg beckPenelope0910_468x403.jpg mermaid0910_468x363.jpg baseball0910_468x630.jpg
  2. Look out, it's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Spice Girl

    Purple patch: Posh on the catwalk, or is it someone from TV cartoon The Baskervilles?

    Web design: Posh in Spider-Man guise

    Stone Age Spice meets the Flintstones' Wilma

    And with Halloween just around the corner...
    ninja0910_468x441.jpg baskerville0910_468x679.jpg spiderman0910_468x569.jpg wilma0910_468x469.jpg pumpkin0910_468x267.jpg
  3. LOL! She still looks fabulous to me!
  4. That's pretty funny!
  5. I love Vicy and ur just jealous! As they say you can never be too rich too skinny or too fabulous but Vic gets closer than us ladies will ever be!
  6. I found the piece to be funny, but truthfully, I think she's the type of person that would look amazing in a potato sack!

    (She'd make a mini dress out of it and pair it with a pair of Loboutins and her Hermes Kelly Bag!)
  7. VB Is Absolutely Magnificent!!! Great Pictures & Comparisons!!!!
  8. Damn she's so fierce. She's the only who can pull those outfits off.
  9. I'm such a huge Posh fan, that when I saw the thread title, I was immed defensive! *blushes*

    But what a funny post! Thanks!
  10. Funny!!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I Love the ninja turtule, wilma flinstone & cruela divil ones!

    Great post!
  12. This is such a fun post... she is very comic-y, that's why she's a fashion icon! And I lol'd at "Lady Victoria"... hah hah she's so obsessed with having a title... it's nothing special!!! I'd rather be a "Dr" than a "lady" or even "queen" but I guess different people = different priorities in life.
  13. That is so funny. I don't think she has any taste myself, except for a fabulous bag collection.
  14. I like Victoria, but i must admit this was funny !
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: