Cartier Wedding Band - Etincelle de Cartier

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm curious if any of you have purchased the Etincelle de Cartier wedding band either in YG or RG. They both look amazing and I want to see how well it wears before I make a decision. Hope to hear from you guys!
    Rose Gold:


    Mod shots would be wonderful!!

    Thanks a bunch!
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  2. I have this same question! I was originally going to get the Tiffany Metro in rose gold, but the Cartier caught my eye as well. Would love any input!
  3. Hi!
    Just my 5 cents as a big lover of designer jewelry except for eternity rings - only as a consideration. At $2,5k price tag you can get almost x2 carat weight (bigger diamond size or layered look) from a smaller brand if you’re into diamond eternity, or a unique design ring from a big brand.
    These eternities from Tiffany and Cartier do look quite similar (I was considering them at a certain point), and honestly they do not look any different from similar styles in smaller brands (of course choice depends on where you’re from).
    There are lots of discussions here if branded engagement rings are worth it - so for eternity rings this question is even more relevant, as the difference is impossible to tell.
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