Cartier watch owners: please show us your watches...

  1. Please post pics & any other information about your Cartier watch... :smile:
  2. Pretty please.. I am currently obsessed with Cartier watches.. I don't have 1 of my own to share, but was hoping for some inspiration .. Thank you in advance.
  3. My Cartier Tank.
  4. My Radonya in PG.:smile:
    IMG_1220.jpg IMG_1221.jpg
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  5. My ballon bleu in small yellow gold.

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  6. My balloon bleu in medium.
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  7. Thank you so much for posting your beautiful watches..
    Cartier watches are really really special!
    I have a Rolex & J12, but there is something about the Cartier esp the roadster & balloon bleu that is making me have sleepless nights! Lol
  8. That is a beautiful watch beachy 10. Thank you for posting. Classic & timeless..
  9. Beautiful.. Especially how you've mixed metals with the love & dbty .. Makes the gold glow even more..
  10. Classic 1 .. Now & forever.
  11. Wow!! This is my favorite.. What size is the medium in mm? Is it 38mm??
    Wow! :smile:
  12. The medium is 36mm.
  13. Thank you for this :smile:
  14. There are lots of great pics in the Cartier reference thread!
  15. Santos...