Cartier vs. Chanel J12

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  1. I had that same dilemma and opted for a Cartier. BUT I still longed for a J12! So I HAD to get a white J12. I wear my J12 so much that I had to get another one in black too! Follow your intuition. Im still glad I have the Tank too though. Its a totally different look and much less blingy! The only downfall is it seems everyone has one. Its not really as "special" as the J12.
  2. This is an old thread, so you've probably already decided, but.... I also own both watches and wear the J12 every day, but primarily because it is unscratchable. If I had an office job or something where I wouldn't be taking it off every 10 minutes, I would probably wear the Cartier more. Depending on what you do all day, one or the other may be a better choice for you.
  3. cartier roadster anyday
  4. cariter
  5. Yes, this is a different option, but I also have the Cartier Roadster...the large size and I love love love it. Chunkier like the J12, but the elegance of the Tank. Just a suggestion.
  6. personally (and please don't skin me alive for this), but i think the chanel watches are really overpriced and right now, they seem to be a "trend," not a classic styled watch. with cartier, they NEVER go out of style and their watches are known to be excellent quality watches.

    i wonder if those white or black chanel watches will still be hot in 3–4 years? i think that's what you'd have to ask yourself because for the money, i wouldn't want it to be a trend, as i'd want it to last forever (as far as style, that is).
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    I have both of them and love them!, you can not go wrong w/ your decision.

    ^and to the poster above: The Chanel J12 was introduced in 2001-2002 therefore is not a "trend" in my opinion the other "designers" are finally getting on the "trend" after 8 or so years later.
  8. I'd go for Chanel :smile:
    It's more my style.
  9. I was just thinking that as I read this thread. I have a white J12 33mm with a diamond bezel...wear it everyday. Now I want a black one with ruby markers for winter. Both the J12 and Cartier are nice but I have noticed more upscale watch companies are making ceramic watches.
  10. Cartieeeer ! Go for the traditional swiss quality ; )

    I don't like the look of the J12 at all
  11. In addition to what I wrote earlier, I also love the black J12 with diamond bezel but I do feel that they are ridiculously over priced for what they are....but they don't seem to be overly trendy considering they have been around for almost 10 years.
  12. Definitely Cartier! I'm probably biased since the Tank Francaise with the alligator strap is next on my list, but it is a watch that will stand the test of time. A few years ago I was crazy about the white J12 with the diamond bezel, but it was just a phase and I now find I much prefer my Rolex.
  13. Of course Cartier tank