Cartier vs. Chanel J12

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  1. Definitely Cartier.
    I don't care too much for the J12.
  2. I have both watches. I wear my J12 more. But if I had to give up one, I could never let my Tank go. Tough decision, I think I would go for the classic and beautiful Cartier. :smile:
  3. Cartier for me. No question about it.
  4. thank u guys....i think i might go to the shop again this weekend to make a final desicion.....:P
  5. ^^
    let us know what you decide!
  6. Same here. I feel like I have to be super careful with my j12's - considering that I've already broken the clasp once (it basically cracked into two pieces), and one of them almost fell off my wrist because the pin fell off. Thankfully, I had a long sleeve sweater to catch it.

    I'm quite abusive to my tank, and it's still tickin' and, sure, there are a few scratches, but those are just inevitable.

    I still happen to love my j12's, it's just I wear it very carefully.
  7. Cartier....
  8. Another vote for Cartier ;).
  9. Yet another vote for the Cartier, and for the same reason others have given - the J12 is trendy and will probably soon be dated-looking.
  10. Love both, but really the rule of thumb if your spending $$$$ on a watch.....go classic. Then you get other pieces. Or buy the Cartier and find an homage
    But really get the tank first.
  11. Cartier
  12. Good luck rosellinix. I would go for the Cartier too, although both watches are gorgy. Can't wait to see your new watch!
  13. Which one did you end up with? I'm in the minority here because I would say j12. I prefer (which I own) the Cartier roadster over the tank. But I love both of my j12s and I'm so happy that I have them. I admire Cartier tanks on others but don't care for it on me.
  14. I have a black J12 and a Tank, I love them both, but I definately wear the J12 more.
  15. I also have both, so this is kinda hard for me also, but go with what you think you will have more use.