Cartier Necklaces-Pricing Help Needed

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  1. I have my eye on some Cartier necklaces here and I am not sure if anyone knows the prices off hand... Very much appreciated!

    1.) The Cartier Love Necklace in 18k yellow gold (Love is spelled out in beads)
    2.) Hearts of Cartier Pendant Chain (18k pink gold split looking heart)
  2. Hi DStar,

    I'm not sure if my information will really be helpful since it's so old but when I received mine about 5 years ago, the white gold Cartier Heart pendant chain cost about $1200. Then again, the Love bracelet cost about 2850 then and I hear it's about 3850 now.

    You can always call the boutiques-- Micah at South Coast Plaza is really helpful.

    I usually get their booklets/catalogs in the mail and there's a price insert in there. If I get one this year I'll update you with the prices.

  3. You can send price requests on the Cartier webpage, they always answer very quickly.