Oct 24, 2012
I've agonized but for now I've taken off my other two love bracelets. I'm not into the stack and the pave is a lot thicker so it can look funny. I regularly wear one of two panthere rings on the same hand, and on the other wrist, a big Rolex Day Date. Sometimes I move the pave to the left with the watch and put the two loves back onto the right wrist.
How much thicker is the pave? If you ever get a chance to, please send us a side by side picture. I really need the Cartier stores to reopen to check it out myself. I really want it.

If I do get it, I’m definitely selling off my white gold one. I don’t see myself wearing that again given that I’ll probably stick to this piece moving forward.


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Jun 16, 2008
Boca Raton
It's notably thicker. I can try to take a pic later. The reason is both the clasp and probably also necessary to mount 204 (or more if you get a larger size) diamonds. They are the exact same internal dimension, so you see the difference on the outside. Mine is my every day piece. It's no more wild than a tennis bracelet and most people who know what it is have no idea it costs 8x the regular love bracelet. They probably figure it's double.


Mar 18, 2016
If you’re going keep the pave as your everyday piece, i’d say keep the other two until you’re sure you want to sell them!

I know you mentioned you had regrets in the past selling your original love don’t want that to happen for you with these two :smile:
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Dec 27, 2009
Hi! I'm a chick, but I want to chime in and hopefully help push you to buy this. ;)

1. Since it is a locked via a clasp and hinged design, does Cartier supply a screwdriver? Or does it just come with the bracelet?
Just the bracelet - no screw driver.
2. If have darker skin and skinny wrists, so wondering if people have photos of their LOVE PAVE BRACELETS to show off and I can compare which would look better fo my skin color? The local store is closed until further notice due to COVID.
Rose or yellow gold, but I would lean more toward RG.... I think this warm gold really suits darker/more tan skin. I'm generally pretty tan and love the way RG looks on me. It's my favourite although I have various bracelets in RG/YG/WG that all work well together.
3. Is it too much to be wearing this with casual wear? Any worries of theft from the bling factor?
Hell no this isn't too much! I daily drive two of the thin pave along with whatever else in my stack I happen to be wearing, and almost all of my Love bracelets have diamonds. If someone really wants to hold you down and pry this off of you, well I mean... they could. But don't we run that risk with anything blingy or expensive that we wear?
4. Thoughts on a guy wearing this? I know Bieber has it (per below).
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Sep 8, 2018
Echoing thoughts about it being absolutely gorgeous and blingy but also wearable (and I like the comparison to a tennis bracelet, I think it’s very accurate)! The bracelet is very secure (and I like that you don’t need to fiddle with a screwdriver) and heavy so you’ll notice if it came off for sure. If your clasp loosens or hinge starts to swing open etc. Cartier can fix that for you.

As for metal colour I think you’ll have to try and see what looks nicest against your skin. Have you tried the WG pave with black ceramic? It’s a bit edgy and cool and I think would look great on a guy. Though you can rock any of them that you please - WG pave ceramic, WG pave, YG pave or RG pave! Whatever goes best with your other jewellery and your style.


Jun 25, 2020
Tried the thick pavé together with my regular ones. Absolutely a no-go to stack them. The Cartier people agreed here as well. Second, it's too much bling - however this is on a personal note.

Ordered two thinner pavés which have the same height and these go perfectly with the standard ones.