Cartier Love Bracelet

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  1. My wrist is 6 inches, or 15.25cm, and my Cartier SA suggested a size 17 for me.

    I tried on the 16 and prefer the way it fit in the store because it was tighter and didn't move around, but my SA also reminded me that I was fitted in winter, and that fingers/wrists swell in summer and/or warmer climates. The SA assured me that a 16 would be too small for me during the summer or if I planned to be very active.

    I don't own a LOVE yet, but that didn't stop me from being fitted! :giggles:

    If I were you, I would go with a 17... which you can purchase now. That way, it will fit right away, and will continue to fit should you ever have more children. (You won't have to remove it later.)
    Unless you really prefer a tight fit, and then I'd suggest either getting a 16 or just wait and be re-fitted in a few months after the baby.
  2. ^^^ I agree. I could "wear" a 16, but I worried that if I had any hint of swelling or if at some point I gained weight...God forbid...I would feel the 16 was WAY uncomfortable.

    I worried about feeling something that heavy on my wristbone. So I went with the 17. A 16.5 would have been perfect, but the 17 fits like that of Kelly Ripa (who has two - jealous) and Naomi Watts.

    I like being able to push it up a bit so it doesn't hit anything and get too scratched.
  3. Hmm maybe ur right .my wrist bone is actually prominent so even when I deliver ... My bone may make the 16 uncomfortable ... Thanks for ur input !
  4. That's what I was thinking ... 16.5 would be perfect !!! Lol hmm yeah I do tend to swell in heat and at night .... So i would hate to be unformfortable ! Thanks for your help!
  5. Lol congrats on the pregnancy !!! Lol it's a great push present ! I'm with you ... I can't wait ! I think 17 is the way to go ... And hope it doesn't end up too big..
  6. Yes ... 16.5 would be perfect !!! But I think 17 sounds better than 16 at this point ... Would hate for it to be too tight !
  7. Got my RG as an early push present to myself a few weeks ago. 35 weeks! And i already want another one. This forum is sooo dangerous and awesome at the same time! Lol
  8. There are def a lot of people on here who wear it on the snugger side, but less than 1cm larger than your wrist would be tight! My SA who fitted me is the manager and wears 3 of her own and she, and several other SAs who fitted me, said the 16 was the right size for me. But even the day after I put the 16 on, i went back to the store to ask if it was too tight because the screws were grazing the sides of my wrist and I dost like that feeling. I kept thinking I would stop noticing it...nope!

    I think you have 2 weeks to exchange and at that point they didn't have a 17 for me so I was able to wear the 16 even longer, which was good. When we were in Hawaii I told my DH that he needed to make certain I changed for the 17 because it was just too tight. I mean it wasn't literally tight on my wrist, like pinching, but just a bit suffocating. The second I put on the 17 it was a HUGE sigh of relief! I think you need 1.5cm bigger than your wrist for perfect fit, but everyone's body is different. I even have bony wrists and they didn't have the appearance of being swollen in the heat. Go with your gut, but know u can exchange!
  9. I got my love today!!! :smile:) it's a size 16 (I have tiny wrists). I have been wearing a few hours and notice the way the screws feel touching my skin. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, but it definitely feels weird. I know some people said it takes a few weeks to get used to it, is this the case with those of you that have a closer fit? I usually like a much closer fit, but I wouldn't want to realize in a week that it feels tight :/ advice? :smile:
  10. I have a 15 wrist if that helps! :smile:
  11. its not hard taking on and off but mine has been on everyday since I got them. I love them and they don't bother me
  12. Wow, that sounds kind of small for a 15 wrist but it just depends what feels comfortable to you. Mine is a 14.75.

    Are you in a warm climate? If so and it's comfy, prob fine. Can also take a hot steamy shower and see how it feels.

    I remember I scanned tons of pages on Love thread a while back and someone said to see if size is right (of course this is just her opinion), with your arm upright, pull Live as high as it ca go towards your hand and then let it go to see how far down it goes. She felt one fist- length (thumb to pinky) was about right. My 16 was about an inch short of that and my 17 goes about a 1/2" lower than that! So, most people are somewhere in-between.

    I would just wear it carefully for a week and see how u feel. I guess if I couldn't have exchanged I would have gotten used to the 16. One other thing that made me uncomfortable with it was that after a shower I could really dry off the acres. I don't do that with my 17 but they have air on them so they can dry.

    Good luck!
  13. Oops, silly spell check--meat to say I could NOT really dry off the screws.

    Good luck!
  14. So I measured my wrist, I'm a little over 15 at the smallest and 15.5 ish at other parts. I woke up this morning with little screw marks where it had dug into my skin. It's not a warm climate here now so now I'm worried. Im planning on calling my SA today to ask what I should do. If the screws didn't stick in it would probably be perfect :sad:
  15. First off, congratulations on your LOVE! I'm around the same size as you (15) and I wear a 17. And I've been wondering if I should have gotten an 18 so it was a bit roomier. The 16 sounds like it's definitely too tight for you :sad: You really shouldn't be feeling the screws. And if it's doing that already in the winter, just imagine what will happen in the summer. It really comes down to personal preference but if you're worried it's probably better to go up a size.
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