Cartier Love Bracelet

  1. I'm in love with this bracelet and would really like to hint to my BF to get it for me. Any ideas how much this costs? Would love to hear back from any of you. Thanks a bunch!
  2. First off, what bracelet?
    Link, location, any info?

    To hint... it can be easy.
    1) just tell him
    2) think about valentine
    3) if you show him the pics or info on how you saw this bracelet
    keep emphasizing 3
  3. i think its about $3000 i was looking into it too lol. go to the cartier website and email them they got back to me pretty quick
  4. I'm in love with this bracelet too. I want the pink gold one. I think it is a totally timeless piece of jewelry. My aunt has one - she's been wearing it since 1981 - it NEVER comes off of her wrist. While it's definitely an investment piece in jewelry, I think it's more than paid for itself at this point.

    And I've been very happy with cartier customer service every time I've needed it.
  5. Thanks a bunch ladies! I contacted cartier customer service and they got back to me asap! I am very impressed indeed. Just for reference if anyone is interested (for the UK), the white gold bangle is 2075 pounds and 1925 pounds for both the pink and yellow gold bangles.

    sxytegal - haha, I am using the Valentine's angle. :smile:
  6. Is it true that they will not let you purchase it for yourself?
  7. I have one. It took about a year, but I finally got used to having the darn thing on my wrist at all times. At first, it kind of annoyed me that I couldn't take it off. Now I forget it's there. I think it's worse in the summer. :smile:
  8. I think the Love Cuff (incomplete circle) is easier to wear and take off, and u can do it at will. And its abt 700-800 cheaper. Of course, the being screwed idea is lost lol. I love the cartier santos, they have gold screws in that watch's bracelet too
  9. If anyone can locate the pink one for me that would be great!! Thank you.
  10. I wish my boyfriend would buy one for me!

    Funny story- I was just in Mexico, and shopping in Playa del Carmen, and I saw a Cartier Love lookalike bracelet in real gold. I was curious about the cost so decided to take a peek. I thought it might cost $500 or so because it was gold. So I check the price tag and it was.............

    $3000! :shocked: So the same price as a real Cartier one! Of course, I didn't buy it.
  11. I have a yellow gold Cartier Love Bracelet. I love it. Although most of my everyday jewelry is either plat or S/S, I used to wear it next to my watch and it looked so cool. Don't wear anymore because I am single.
    They are sold in sizes. You can get it a lil larger to appear more like a bangle or tight more like a cuff. The key just isn't any lil key//screwdriver. It is about 2 inches long and is solid gold. It just acts like a screwdriver to bolt the two screws in the side.
    You might want to check out eBay and post something for authentication.
    Honest, it is a wonderful token when you are commited. Looks so Cool!
  12. The key / screwdriver is definitely not (solid) gold, dear. Its just plated with golden looking thingy.
  13. I want one so bad! I tried to get DH to buy me one for x-mas. He got really excited when I told him what I wanted and then I had to tell him how much it cost. Of course it was a bit out of his range, but I am still going to pursue to get my bracelet. I want the white gold with diamonds!:heart:
  14. Oops. You are right, maguses. I haven't even looked at it in years. Memory just told me it was wonderful. My mistake and I find your terms of endearment quite sincere and charming. :blush:
  15. hmm i wonder how much the one with diamonds cost :graucho: