Cartier love bracelet. Help!

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  1. There are definitely fakes you can buy with 18k gold from china and russia now so there's just no way to know except with papers and a trusted friend to buy from - or else the gold standard - the store.
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  2. But even the papers are counterfeit! It is very scary out there.
  3. Yes! That’s what I thought too, my theory is that someone made a cartier replica of white gold? As I just took it to another jeweler, and they say it’s 18K Gold but of course can’t tell me if it’s made by Cartier. Crazy. But for the price I got it, might just sell it for melt value of it’s white gold. Just going to keep the rings I guess for now!
  4. THIS. The good counterfeiters will take a known serial number from a matching bracelet and use that on the counterfeits. I am fairly positive this is one of those mirror image fakes. The fact that the same serial number is showing up on stock photos is very disturbing to me.
  5. I agree, I purchased an older Love from a very reputable source, it has cursive one side along with the serial number and Cartier in capitals the other side. A local jeweller told me they never do that which scared me a bit, but several people on here told me their boutique bought loves had exactly the same and Cartier engraved it for me so they clearly didn’t think it was an issue. I do think spotting the exact serial number elsewhere is deeply suspicious though.
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  6. Based on those tacky nails alone I would say fake :lol::lol::lol:
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  7. The diamonds in the first pic are very yellow.. not what I would expect from Cartier. And screwdriver looks suspect.
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  8. Don't wander in to the "show your engagement ring" thread, you'd be horrified...
    All those carats and your cuticles look a mess :cool:
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  9. I'm sorry to say this is a fake made with real gold.

    Whoever made the fake copied the standard stock image engravings which all had RE 1840 years ago (purseblog post with that number in 2013).

    I hope you didn't pay too much for it!

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  10. Cartier website circa 2014

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  11. A jewelry store isn’t a reliable source of authenticating. The most they can tell you is that f the bracelet s real gold or not. But counterfeiters use real gold also, so that’s pretty much useless.
  12. you should definitely ask for a certificate!
  13. A certificate is even easier to counterfeit than the bracelet. It won't help to authenticate, but if fake, it would prove intent to deceive.
  14. yeah... true... I think you are right
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