Cartier in Action

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  1. nothing! looks fabulous and classic with your Rolex!
  2. I concur.
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  3. Thanks so much! I also wear size 16 in the Love, but I'm wanting to add the exact same diamond JUC! I'll probably go with 15 then. It stacks so beautifully with your Love!
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  4. My current stack of cartier collection :heart:
  5. That's hot ! Nice mix of metals.
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  6. My fav ‘lil stack, thank you for letting me share :flowers:
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  7. Nice stack !!! Great choices Tall1Grl...
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  8. This evening. Sometimes I replace my engagement ring and wedding ring for these two.
  9. I did not know the love and trinity look so good together! Also, very cohesive look with the cord bracelet.
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  10. lovely and nice finger stack... I like the way you did that.
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  11. Thank you so much :flowers:
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  12. They look great together
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  13. Thank you. :smile:
    When I tried a classic size in YG, I wasn't sure, just didn't feel right somehow. So next, tried a RG thinner love and I was thrilled. I was thinking of getting two RG but at the end these two came together as a set with me. :hugs:
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  14. My stack this morning...
  15. Beautiful!❤️
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