Cartier in Action

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  1. I am a man... and I think that the thin Love ring in diamonds would be a nice touch... Your hand looks lovely as is.
  2. 2E377F70-4B16-48EF-B81F-B50B4C2802C5.jpeg My birthday gift from hubby. And I already scratched it a little in one side at work...uggh!
  3. LOVE IT !!!! There's nothing like the Tank Watch... in your case The Cartier Tank Timepiece.
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  4. Thanks! I love how minimalist it looks. ♥️
  5. is one rose gold the other yellow? love the subtle difference in colour
  6. My only Cartier...I love it...
  7. I love you pairing it with VCA perlee pearl and alhambra
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  8. Thank you
  9. Two loves on the beach
  10. Fun stack Ive been wearing for the past week or so

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  11. nice... I enjoy beach time wearing my Love bracelet... coming out of the water dripping and glistening and my Love bracelet wet and gleaming. that is the only piece I don't have to worry about when beaching or anything else.
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  12. Amazing photo! Love it!
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  13. I love everything about two fave loves....
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  14. love this
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  15. A newbie with first post, admiring all those lovely cartier in action photos. Thanks for letting me share. 20190109_163129.jpg
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