Cartier Ballon Bleu watch, Medium or Small?

  1. Hi Cartier lovers, first time posting here. I just recently purchased a mid size ballon bleu in rose gold with diamond bezels. In store, the sales saids the mid size is more of a statement, and it's Automatic movement, and the small size is quartz. Therefore i got the mid size since i like automatic better. My wrist is petite, now i'm not sure if i made the right choice. what do u think?
  2. I don't have one YET but when I do get one I will get the medium.....I think you made a great choice! Any pix??
  3. Happysnoopy, I have small wrist like you and have tried the watch in medium size and it looked great so Congratulations and enjoy it...You made the right choice :tup:
    Please post pics when you can
  4. Definitely medium.. and pink gold.. yummy!! i think you made the right choice as well.. congrats!
  5. I have a large wrist and I choose smaller watches to counterbalance it, so I think it would work in reverse as well- smaller wrist, larger watch.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for your thoughts. I'm really excited about this watch, having problem uploading pix onto the site. does anyone know if the gold links will scrach?:heart:
  7. love that watch!
  8. happysnoopy - it's a gorgeous watch! Congrats! The gold links will only scratch on the surface. Because Cartier uses solid gold instead of gold plate, the scratches can easily be buffed out and look as good as new.