Cartier anniversary reveal + poll

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Cartier anniversary reveal + poll

  1. WG rainbow Love alone

  2. WG rainbow Love & RG rainbow Love

  3. WG rainbow love & plain RG (looks yellow) love

  4. WG rainbow love & WG JUC

  5. WG rainbow love & WG VCA Perlee

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Congrats on your anniversary and your new bracelet! :smile:

    However, the pictures don't show up when you click on the links?! :confused1:
  2. Thank you so much cupcake34.
    Oh no, I didn’t realize the links didn’t work. I will try reposting them another way, hopefully they will be viewable then.

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  3. Oh, how beautiful! :smile:

    I prefer the WG rainbow love worn alone or stacked with the WG perlee bangle!
  4. lucky girl! love it with the perlee (my true love) and without the ring
  5. Congratulations! I like it best with the JUC!
  6. Lucky you, any way is amazing. I wear my pink gold with my diamond bracelet.
  7. Ohh how beautiful!! I've wanted the WG rainbow. Love the purple/blue tone colors. Are the stones sparkly and noticeable? Do you like the RG or WG rainbow better?

    I prefer your WG rainbow alone or with your WG Perlee.

    Enjoy them all in good health!!
  8. I really like the way the JUC looks with your WG Love.
  9. the JUC and the perlee!!! congrats!
  10. Very pretty congrats :smile: JCU!!!
  11. Thanks cupcake34
    I didn’t think much about the ring, your right, it does look better without it. Thanks.
    Thank you momo721
    Thanks so much BarbAga. Pairing it with a diamond bracelet never crossed my mind, thank you for the great idea!
  12. Thanks so much *NYC Princess*
    The stones do sparkle and the colors just pop. The rainbow bracelets are my favorite however, I couldn't pick a favorite between the two rainbows, I love them equally. I do find it interesting that the WG rainbow (2014) still has the old screw system whereas the RG rainbow (2012) has the new system. It does alleviate some concern over loosing the bracelet.
    Thanks so much Nikki
    Thank you LVoeletters
    Thanks MyLuxuryDiary