Cartes a nouer - Knotting Cards - pics

  1. Because not everyone will receive a set - I thought I'd scan the cards...
    knotcards1.jpg kknotcards2.jpg
  2. Doing the front first and then the backs....
    knotcards3.jpg knotcards4.jpg
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  3. pics of previous methods:
  4. Very nice of you to do this, GF! You're a doll ;)
  5. more pics:
  6. thank you, sweetie!
  7. Grand Fonds that really thoughtful of you to do :tup:
  8. second last batch!
  9. last lot:
  10. GF that's really thoughtful of you! I need to memorize a few good knots, I shall print them out & keep them near my scarves, thanks!:tup:
  11. most of the styles are the same as in the carre books that they used to give out...but not they tie them asymmetrical!!! LOL!
  12. No problem....I may be able to score a few "spare" sets....keep you posted!
  13. Yippee!!!! GF raffle coming up! Sign me up first please!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  14. OMG, that is so cool of you to scan all the cards.

    Thanks, GF.
  15. Thanks for posting -- as a scarf newbie, they are very helpful.