Carry-on Pegase question

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  1. What is the largest sized Pegase that can be carried on the plane?
  2. I believe the 55 business and the 45 can be carried on.
  3. thanks. what's the difference b/w the 55 business and the regular 55?
  4. The business is slimmer.
  5. 55cm but I'd check with the individual airline to make sure since they're always changing things to nickle and dime us.
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    ^^Disagree. Business has the padded laptop compartment which puffs up the top zipper front pocket. I checked out the business Pegase 55 and regular Pegase 55 and decided on the regular as the front doesn't 'bulge' out from the padded laptop compartment. HTH.

    As for dimensions, the 55 meets US airline carry-on dimensions. :smile:

    The 'regular' Pegase is the one with the smooth front...
  7. There are so many threads on this. 55 is the largest size that can be carried on board.
  8. I am inquiring about this as well. When i stopped into the LV Boutique at Holt Renfrew in toronto they said the 55 was not carry on allowed :S I won't waste my time with a smaller bag and might end up with a tumi. The tumi does seem more versatile though although i would like a matching pegase i'm going to get an icare next trip i go on for my laptop and misc bag.
  9. I wasn't too sure. You are right... 55 business is 55x40x20cm.
    pegase 55 is 52x38x18cm.
    Sorry :smile:
  10. I believe in US its 55 but what about international?
  11. Size 55
  12. :yes:

    To the OP; ask your airline for a guideline of measurements, and compare that to the measurements on
  13. Definitely check with your airline for the official answer.

    I miss the old sizing. I have travelled with my Pegase 60 as a carry-on for over two years both in the US and internationally and never had a problem.
  14. The above post is correct. The Pegase Business 55 has the pockets, one of which you can put your laptop in. I have this, and LOVE it! It is currently the largest carry-on size allowed on Commercial. I use mine weekly & have enjoyed it. Just always make sure you check which aircraft you will be flying on, so you know if you need to utilize the protective cover if it has to be put under the plane. Several of the commuter jets overhead space is too small to store the Pegase 55. The way I figure, as much as I travel, I might as well try to bring the glamour back! Good luck & enjoy!
  15. Does anyone know if the Pegase 60 can be carried on? Alaska states that the dimension need to be 10x17x24 including wheels and handle. I think the Pegase 60 dimensions are 7.5x14.5x22.5 but do not know if that includes wheels and handles.... Any one know?