Carribean store had chloe...

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  1. Hey, hope you guys g=had a great thanksgiving!!!!ME? I go to the western caribbeans to see family every thanksgiving.Been travelin' their since I could ever remember!!..Okay here's the deal....We took a boat to one of the islands, and theres these great stores in these mini malls (For tourists).one of the malls looked repitubule, they weren't selling shot glasses, and shirts, and many tourists don't go looking for finer items around here..Now,I am the only girl, all my family down here are guys, So my cousin was of no help!lol, I know the Lv's were real, as well as the wallets, no LV visors, or flip flop knockoff's in the store! YAY! But the other thing they were selling , a branch of the store, was Chloe'.
    NOW I'm not a chloe expert, but they looked good. SO I bought it. Even though it might not be real, it's still cute. BUT I would like to know if it is.

    THANKS YOU:biggrin:
  2. It doesn't look like any Chloe I've seen before. It looks like a blend of a Silverado and a Kerala. But if you like it and the price was good, enjoy it!
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