carolina Herrera

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  1. Hello! I am usually just a lurker and decided that I must ask this of you fellow purse-lovers.

    I was just in Vegas last weekend and wandered into the CH store in Caesars....I fell madly in love with a Pewter colored CH Kalahari bag. It was $880 and my husband laughed in my face ;) (he didn't actually but his reaction was kind of similar in that there was noooo way).

    So...since that's not happening...can anyone recommend a more reasonable alternative to that bag? In leather and preferably without 10lbs of monogram or signature all over it. Also since Im a wackjob about my rings--Id prefer very little metalwork on it--grommets or whatever.

    Im not asking too much here eh ;)


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  2. No one? Bummer. :sad: I don't want a knockoff just another designer with a similar style bag.

    Oh well! I guess Ill have to buy it.
  3. There are some great red bags listed in prior posts-check those! Search for red handbags. Good luck! :smile:
  4. Oh I don't necessarily want a RED one, I just wanted one that was shaped and whatnot like the photo.
  5. No, not really but thank you.

    This one is like "square" and long, like a "square" duffle. As if that makes any sense...

    Its about 14 or 15" long and about 7 or 8" tall and's a craptastic drawing :smile:

    Thank you all for your help.

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  6. Here's the closest thing I seem to be finding on there...but Im not big on that pocket.

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