Carol Peretz dress: is it worth the price

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  1. Has anyone heard of this designer. I saw an adorable dress and am considering buying it on sale marked down from $900 down to $500. It is so pretty but I hesitate to drop that kind of money on a designer I've never even heard of. Boy would I be mad if it turned out to be poorly made. So if anyone has info on this designer please let me know your opinion. Thanks
  2. In the end, I told the boutique SA I wasn't going to get the dress. It was cute though. *Sigh*
  3. Hi
    I might be too late (just saw your post) and I have a dress by Carole Peretz, and those prices sound good to me. Her designs are pretty unique I think. I don't know anything about her though...the place I bought mine told me she used to design for Princess Diana, but I've never found anything to confirm that!:p