Carmencitas are so cute - How do you use it?

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  1. I searched the Ref pages and found out that these cute little Carmencitas come in two sizes - PM and GM. MsReya and Piaffe have a few.

    What are they for? Are they place markers for Agendas? I thought that they might look cute as a bag charm? Does anyone have pictures they can post? Can anyone think of alternative uses? Has anyone seen them at their H store?

    They are so cute. I like the Carmen too, but ultimately, Im looking for something to hold my Keys so that they are not exposed and hanging loose in my bag. I like the Zip Zap key case and also the Dogon Key Pouch because they are more versatile than just key cases like the Thill.

  2. How funny, I think things go in waves around here. :yes: Here's the pic I posted on another carmencita thread started earlier. I move it around from my agenda to one of my Ulysses notebooks. I suppose it could also be wrapped around a bag handle as a charm, though I admit I dream of a carmen key chain sized one for that purpose.
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    I use mine as a page marker in my agenda to hold the current date. There are actually a lot more sizes than just the two that you listed and the name sizes are a little confusing. They are really cute and the leather is so soft and amazing.

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  4. This is another kind of carmencita made in silk, SA said the design is Jungle Love.


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  5. I totally agree with you Purse-o-holic :yes: the Carmencita's are sooooo cute :tender::love: I love it very much :heart: !
    I just bought mine: a size petit (= PM) in Rose shocking to my Ulysse mini in Blue jean - I'll using it as a page marker but it also would work as a charm on a handbag, I think ;)!

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  6. Thanks to everyone for posting pics. Really, more than 2 sizes???? Cool! I'll have to inquire w/SA. I think a Rose Shocking Carmencita hanging on my Etoupe Birkin would look so cute.

    DouDou - Your "carmencita" is REALLY cute too. I've never seen this one.
  7. Purse--Supposedly there's one for each size of Agendas and Ulysses. The names are supposed to correspond with the size it is supposed to be used with...but my SA and I spent quite some time looking through the little boxes to find the right size. My stores do not get many of them in so expect that your store maynot have them and your SA may have to do a search and charge send. Good luck!
  8. ANy suggestions as to who or where I can find a violet carmen to fit my gm agenda. Thanks
  9. at one point i wrapped it on my birkin handles
  10. Here's mine...with my agenda and my ulysses tpm.

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  11. It looked great!!!
  12. OOOH! I LIKE! to be honest, i'd love to use it but i feel like i would not be doing duty to hermes using it for my LV agenda.. i think i need to buy a new hermes agenda cover and a carmencita to go with it.. what color combo would be nice? im thinking lagoon and orange
  13. ^^^ I am using my carmencita (in blue lagoon) on my LV agenda (pink epi leather). They look great together! (And although I love all things H, I prefer LV agendas.) Good luck!
  14. i can imagine it being gorgeous on pink epi leather but mine however is just plain monogram canvas =( if i had an epi leather agenda i would definitely get a carmencita to go with it
  15. Have you asked your store to do a search?