Carmencitas and other colorful items - From my SA

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  1. :wlae: I just got one in is such a happy color! Good luck in your decision!
  2. ^^So they DO have the Carmen key ring in Lagon?! I was wondering about that.

    Brennamom, have you thought about an orange Carmencita to go with your red agenda? I believe there is also a picture somewhere of a red agenda with a BLUE carmencita. I'll go hunting to see if I can find it for you (I believe in visuals, lol)!
  3. Ok, here we go!

    Page two has a picture of a Chocolate Carmencita that looks close to black:

    Ghost55 has a lagon carmencita on her red agenda (post #660):

    Bella has an orange carmencita on her red agenda (post #604)
  4. Thank you Gracie, my dear! I'm seeing Jasmine tomorrow so I'll ask her about the Choco!
  5. I'm curious about this too. Has anyone tried it, particularly the carmencitas on a Kelly?!
  6. Does anybody know in what different lenghts the carmencitas come in? As I understand it the PM model is 21 cm and the GM model 27,5 cm, but what about the TPM model?
  7. ^ there is one, that is really, really tiny. I think it would suit the smaller one of the Ulysse

    Ok, perhaps that didn't help. The PM Carmencita (21cm) fits the Globetrotter agenda perfectly but I think its to long for the PM Ulysse. For the PM Ulysse i would go for an even smaller one.
  8. Thanks Mediana:flowers: I'll look for that one!
  9. My Carmencita is a tPM (12,5 cm) :smile: Here it is in Rose Shocking with a Lagon Ulysse PM: