Carmencitas and other colorful items - From my SA

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  1. I was looking for a Carmencita and my SA sent some pics. The colors are so pretty, I thought you all would enjoy them. Also, I was looking for a bracelet ... Here's a picture of the widest enamel Tohu Bohu in turquoise PM. And a barenia Kelly DT (I bought that one! :yes:)

    If you are interested in any of these, just PM me for the store's location.

    Tohu Bohu Turquoise - Extra Wide PM with PH and Kelly Double Tour in Barenia


    Colorful Carmencitas


    TPM Ulysse in Etoupe


    Attached Files:

  2. KG, your SA is truly the BEST ever!! The Barenia Kelly Double Tour is gorgeous. The Etoupe Ulysse and RS Carmencita is just PERFECT together.

    Thank you for sharing, just beautiful.
  3. Oooh, what fun items! I love those carmencitas. Dumb question, but what are they used for?
  4. I think they are used like bookmarks!!

    Thanks for sharing, Kallie Girl...such beautiful colors!
  5. ^^ Bookmarks? :ears perk up: For a bookworm like me, that would be a perfect little accessory! :adds to wishlist:
  6. They are used for Ulysses. They have a little "clip" on the end that clips on to the wire binding of the Ulysse. They possibly have other uses but that's all I've seen them used for.

    The particular style in the photo is not meant for typical books.
  7. More eye candy from your wonderful SA!!!

    Thanks for sharing - as always - and please, keep spoiling us!
  8. You can use them on all the agendas (well, probably not the zip ones...) :yes:

    The clip can clip to the binding ring on any of the inserts. I use mine on my vision, with the calendar insert, I LOVE IT.....

    thanks for posting these, I definitely would like a couple more, they are so happy!!!
  9. So that means I need to get an H agenda too. ;)
  10. ^ Of course ;)
  11. If there are three different sizes of Carmencitas. What are they called? :hrmm:
  12. Congrats on your kelly double tour purchase. I love those bracelets!
  13. Of course! And make sure you get the right size too - the different lengths of the carmencita suit different sized ringed books/agendas. If you get one that is too short, your ringed book/agendas won't be able to close properly.
  14. thanks for sharing!They're beautiful!
  15. I love those carmencitas!!!