Carmencitas and other colorful items - From my SA

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  1. Congrats on the Barenia KDT Kallie Girl. I have the exact same one and it's so easy to match with everything!
  2. I want the rose shocking carmencita! How much are those again? I'll have to ring her.
  3. I love your threads with SA pics--such a treat, it brings the boutique right to my desktop! Thanks for posting
  4. Thanks KG! You are ever so kind to share with us.
  5. I love these!
    I'll have to check my H store for them
  6. I'm naughty :graucho: and so are you, Kallie Girl; you continue to enable me! :nuts:
  7. Thanks for sharing! I love the carmencitas...I wish they sold them at
  8. ^They do, or at least two sizes in one colour. :smile:
  9. Love the pics, thanks! I have a carmencita in rose shocking (i think) that MsReya got me:heart: It´s absolutely the cutest thing, so soft!
  10. You have such a great SA, Kallie Girl - and thank you so much for sharing these. I love these little Carmencitas. I've seen them in passing in the boutique, next time I'll have to pay more attention. I'm searching for a Carmen key ring also, still struggling with which color!
  11. WOW, the carmencitas are soooo cute and pretty. Just want to ask can you use the carmencitas or carmen key ring since bag charms???
  12. Sorry, I need "as" bag charm........:P
  13. Has anyone seen or know if a BLACK carmencita exists? If not, what would you recommend for a red agenda?
  14. I'd go for a green or yellow carmencita for a red agenda....assuming they make either of these colours
  15. :wtf: I like the idea of the yellow! Thanks Mooks! Does anyone know if black is even as option? Could it be a SO? I'll have to call tomorrow and ask, I guess...:heart: