1. Does anyone know the retail on one? I hope that I'm calling it the right thing..I mean the bookmark for the Ulysse
  2. The second smallest one (good for an Ulysse PM) is about $95 CDN...No idea what it costs where you are. So cute (and the leather is so unbelievably soft).
  3. Thanks Mitsouko.. I didn't realize they came in several different sizes
  4. Yup, they do (different ones for different Ulysses). And then there's the Carmen keychain, which I think I'll get next...
  5. For different sizes of the Ulysee. I use my GM Carmencita on my non-H ring notebook. The length of my notebook warranted the GM size. I suppose if your notebook is smaller, you should consider smaller Carmencitas.
  6. Does anyone know how much this costs in U.S. dollars and what colors they've seen..
  7. if i remember right...
    the GM is around 80ish USD..and the PM is around 70ish USD. I have one in hmm..probably vert anis. they also have it in blue jean color..and fuschia.
  8. Thanks Fesdu!!!
  9. you are welcome!! :love: