Carmen Electra's BBag

  1. hi guys what color and size is carmen electra's bbag ? loove it :love:
  2. I am guessing a "work " in maroon..?????

    not an expert though so its only a guess..

    maybe one of the other b-bag ladies might know

  3. fall 05 chocolate work, lovely bag!
  4. Do you think it might be a city - she's really tiny so the bag would look bigger.
  5. Nevermind, there's no shoulder strap attachment thingies.
  6. thanks mocean, love the bag do you think the fall 06 marron is more or less the same color been looking at the swatches and its hard to tell
  7. Love her Bbag.
  8. she's always been a fan of bbags.
    here's a pic that a tfs member took of her with her bbag.
    she ran into her at Barneys a while back.
  9. thanks esile i really love her brown bbag ;)
  10. OMG, I would KILL to have that chocolate color in the weekender size! :amazed: :shame: