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  1. Hi, everyone! I am trying to choose b/w two bags right now and have seen wonderful reviews on BOTH, so I am stuck!!! Anyway, I really like the black/khaki sig and I really like it for the ALI and the CARLY (large one I think b/c the medium doesnt look slouchy enough for me! LOL) Which bag would YOU choose if you could ONLY pick one as your fall/winter bag to use EVERY DAY of EVERY WEEK and PLEASE tell me WHY you would choose this bag???? THANKS!!!!!!!
  2. I have both of these bags in khaki/black, so I'm not going to be much help! I got the Ali about 2 weeks ago and the Large Carly last Friday. I haven't used the Carly yet. If you are going to make me choose one (you should really get both!!) I'll say the Ali and the only reason is it has the legacy lining which is TDF!! :heart:
  3. Did you mean to say "ALI" with the Legacy Lining?
  4. I am absolutely no help because I am dealing with the same thing... I have the ali in khaki/black and absolutely love it!! That being said, I haven't worn it because I am torn between that and an all leather ali and a medium carly in khaki/saddle. I don't think the medium carly slouches enough, but the large is way too big for my tastes. Anyway, all I did is add to the confusion.. but I would vote for the medium carly or the ali, the ali is truly a beautiful bag and has the great legacy lining and the leather trim.. you can't go wrong!!! :tup:
  5. Yes! Thank you!! I did an edit to my original post. See what I mean! Both bags are so great that I say one bags name while I'm thinking of the other!!!
  6. The khaki/black Ali is gorgeous, and the lining is exquisite. A friend of mine has it, and I ooh and ahhh every time I see it!
  7. I agree..both bags ARE great. I would choose ALI also because of the lining...YUMMY!!! :drool: Plus, there's a lot of hardware on the Carly.
  8. Is the Ali difficult to care for b/c it has both the signature fabric AND the leather...I am asking b/c I am going to be using this bag ALL fall and winter EVERY single day, regardless of sun, rain, or snow! Does it ruin easily or is it pretty sturdy? thanks so much for all of your help!!!!!! I love this forum!!!! and I LOVE you girls!!!!
  9. well I can't tell you since I haven't used mine yet, but that is one think I LIKE about the sig/leather combo is you get the look of the sig but the bottom is leather so it can be wiped clean instead of worrying about the bottom of your bag being fabric. Of course, all leather can scratch.. but it shouldn't stain like any fabric, IMO... but you can get the ali in all leather too
  10. :tup: I love the LARGE Carly. My sister in law just recently got one and it is fantastic. Not too big for my taste. If you like big bags then this is for you. I am going to get one for the fall/winter season also. Right now I use my Hampton Khaki and I just ordered the Scribble tote in Khaki. Also am bidding on a Reversible tote at the moment.

  11. this seems to be a very popular bag. I think it is really cute.. I am 5'10" but I it is just way too huge to me.. I only put in a wallet and a pack of gum, maybe 1 or 2 other things.. I have 3 kids but they are not babies so to me I just didn't like the bag FOR ME but I think it is beautiful!! :tup:
  12. I voted for the large Carly in khaki/black -- I like the Ali and the legacy stripe lining, but I love the large Carly because it can carry almost anything and it is slouchy and casual, but can be dressed up as well.
  13. I definitely vote for the ali. I just like the style better, it will definitely be more sturdy than the Carly because it has more leather on it, and it has the beautiful lining. But, if you want something really really sturdy, you might want to consider an all leather bag.
  14. Carly is a nice bag, I love seeing it on people, the med and the large, but the Ali is a great bag and that lining is tdf :tender:.
  15. carly...carly....carly :O)
    the other one looks older to me