Carly Addiction

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  1. I bought only Coach bags for a while and then took a break and bought a few other brands because nothing really struck my fancy. But ever since I got my Carly I am obsessed with it.

    It's the chocolate brown ( I fell in love with the color ) and find myself buying more and more brown clothes so that I can use it more often.

    I am almost dying to get another one! I will punch myself if I get a black one because I feel like I have too many black bags...but I am praying for cute spring colored Carlys so I can get one for V-Day or my birthday in March.

    I almost feel crazy for basing my wardrobe around this bag lol. I love the shape, the slouch, the size and over all look. Even my mom who likes leather bags over logo normally is so taken with it.

    Does anyone else have a Carly obsession?
  2. There are many of us here that love the Carly. I have a large khaki/saddle and I just adore her! I don't have a desire to get another one in a different color though. I like variety...I don't like to have more than one of the same bag.

    Check out the Carly Club :graucho:
  3. I understand the obsession also, I express my feelings in the Carly Club too!! YOu are completely right about buying clothes to match with your purse, I feel like the chocolate brown carly is the epitome of a beautiful winter purse, I dont want to direspect her by wearing mismatched colors with her!
  4. I am obsessed with my Carlys as well. I just LOVE the style. So laid back and fun!
  5. I love my medium denim Carly very much, but don't wear it often because it's heavy for me. As far as matching clothes, I'm pretty covered since it's the denim one and I wear jeans a lot!!
  6. is the large carly too big since i am only 5'1.i did order the medium one though
  7. ^^ For me (at 5 foot flat) the large was overwhelming, I prefer the med. But if you like big bags, go for it!! It's personal preference IMO.

    Fendi, I agree with you. Ever since breaking out my Carly, I haven't found another bag I like as much (dare I admit even my Legacy Leather shoulder bag *gasp*)!!
  8. I am glad I am not the only one in love with it!

    I have never wanted two of the same style bag until I bought this one.
  9. Carly is the perfect bag. I have a large leather in black for weekends and special occasions because she is too HEAVY for everyday, and I have the large sig in black for work. I cannot see using another bag. I have searched for the perfect bag, and I think I have found her.
  10. Chocolate carlys look good enough to eat!