Carlos Falchi Bags anyone?

  1. I went into a cute boutique this afternoon. They had a nice selection of bags, Gustto, Marc Jacobs, etc.. I spotted a Carlos Falchi bag. This is the exact one:

    They had a black one and a gunmetal one.

    It was nice and light weight. The SA told me she owns one and its her favorite bag. Bagshop says: "This is our best selling handbag in our stores!"

    While I did like it, I wasn't 100% sold on it for some reason. Anyway, wanted to check in with the experts here as well.

    Anyone familar with this brand? Thanks!
  2. I don't know anything about them, except they seem to be of good quality. I personally don't care for whip stitching or a bohemian look so I've never considered buying one.

    NM or Saks or both, I can't remember which store for sure has a nice selection on their website and I have seen some in very pretty colors.
  3. Thanks Leelee! The one I was considering was in black and it did not have the whipstiching. But I wasn't sold on it, so I am going to pass.

    The search for the perfect black bag continues!
  4. I've seen this designer on HSN. Selling the lower end/cheaper bags. I'm not really into his designs.

    His higher end is probably pretty nice quality leathers.
  5. All I know is that they're handmade. I remember he came out with a gorgeous drawstring bag that I really liked, but the only color available was bright teal, so I passed on it. If I had been able to find it in a more neutral color, I would have loved to have it.
  6. I know what you mean. Sometimes I like a bag a lot, but I don't want it bad enough. I have a hard time "letting go" even then sometimes.

    Good luck with your search!
  7. I've seen some really cool-looking bags on

    There was a peacock colored one in ostrich skin and a sort of orangish one too. They were way above my price range, but they sure looked beautiful.
  8. carlos falchi makes amazing bags of wonderful quality...i have owned several in the past...i recently gave one (vintage) to a friend's daughter and will probably be putting the other one on eBay...they're pretty indestructable and they're just fantastic bags...
  9. I like some exotics I have seen by him
  10. I have two of those Falchi bags from years past. they are beautiful and extremely well-made. The linings are wonderful. Mine are a bit small though, so I don't carry them that often.
  11. Thanks so much ladies! I'm still not sure about the bag so I am going to pass. I love hearing everyone's remarks on the brand. I love learning about new brands, at least new to me :yes:
  12. Carlos Falchi has been making bags since the 70's......he's pretty much a legend when it came to his "new designs" that were unstructured using gorgeous leathers. Yes, handmade - if you're talking about his signature line and not the Chi line.
    They do have a distinct "look" with the whipstitching, etc. The leather is TDF (a lot of it is buffalo) and his exotics can be intoxicating.
  13. I'll have to give these bags a second look now that so many posters have complimented them. I had no idea he had two lines. Thanks for the information.
  14. The Bellagio gift store & Bergdorfs is carrying his exotics. They are gorgeous!