Caring for your BBag... in Canada.

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Jul 13, 2010
I posted this in the Care & Maintenance section, but now I realized I wasn't sure if it should be posted here first and then moved there? Since it does say that the subforum is a "collection of threads filled with ... knowledge", so it seems like the questions there are already answered? Anyways, if I thought wrong then sorry for the extra posting and feel free to delete! :smile:

Onto my issue... ;

I have Apple Leather Care, but I understand that Apple Garde is unavailable to Canadians because of the aerosol packaging, so I'm now desperately searching for a rain repellent and handle protector that's available in Canada before I take my new Bal out for a spin.

I know that Danier makes some leather care products - has anyone used them on a Balenciaga?
Not open for further replies.