Caring for Totally Turnlock

  1. Let's talk about how you care for your Marc by MJ Totally Turnlock pieces. I just got one (new post later) for my b-day :yahoo: and I just noticed there is a dark smuggy looking mark on it that wasn't there this morning. :crybaby: In fact it wasn't there 10 mins ago. Could it be water? The bag is red FYI. Do you think I should wait a few hours to see if it dries?
    I realize I am being paranoid, but I just got the bag and am sick at the thought of it being ruined so soon.
    So, what's a girl to do?
    And, how do you protect/care for your turnlocks?
    Thanks all.
  2. If you think you got your bag wet... the wet marks go away.

    I have the firebird, and i got caught in the rain with mine, got lots of rain drops on it... no stains now.
  3. Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags makes a protectant specifically for that type of "naked leather". i have it but haven't yet used it on my firebird teri bowler. small company, nice to deal with, barbara is happy to answer questions. i used the protectant on my LV handles, so far so good.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I read that thread but wanted to know if anyone with the turnlock bags had tried it and had negative results, which was not 100% clear in the posts. It seems like a delicate bag to use on a regular basis so the input is nice.
    I was just freaking out because it was only the 3rd day I had it and have been EXTRA careful about having clean hands when picking it up. It's like a baby--you are kinda afaid to handle it too rough! Extreme comparison I know, by my Marcs are my babies.
  5. Yes...I am interested in the care and feeding of this bag, too, as I just posted a few minutes earlier about wondering about the weight of this bag. I love it.
  6. Sorry, I don't have any answers. I've never treated any of my bags. I recently purchased the turnlock teri. I haven't seen it yet though since I left for vacation after ordering it online, ugh, lol. I have some of the ugg water & stain repellent spray left over from my boots and was wondering if anyone knew if this would be a mistake to try and use on my bag. Thanks!
  7. **Nevermind, I just found a site that said:

    "Use only on soft sheepskin or suede (do not use on leather or fur)"
  8. I put "shining monkey" brand leather protector on my Teri Turnlock. After two months, still looks/feels great.
  9. The MbyMJ turnlock bag is my casual weekend, knockabout bag. I wouldn't worry about babying it.
  10. I have a black Teri Turnlock bag and I've used it almost every day for a few months. Maybe it is the color, even being rained on, it has held up well.
  11. I'm finally home and picked up my bag from the post office. I absolutely LOVE it and the blue is amazing! I had ordered the Apple Rain and Stain Repellent, but from what everyone has said, I may not use it. I think I'll test it out on the Dylan Cross-Body first. Attached is a picture... sorry the quality is so poor (I used my cell). The Teri is the Carbon Blue and the Dylan is in the Moss color.
  12. Hello to the Shallow Fellowship ! This picture makes me so jealous. I am desperately trying to locate a Totally Turnlock Teri in black but it seems to be sold out everywhere. I need help. And to think that I had one in my hand a month ago......Why oh why did I hesitate? Help!
  13. Saw a totally turnlock teri in black at Saks Beverly Hills few days ago. Call them and see if it still there. The one I saw was on the 5th floor.

    Saks Beverly Hills
  14. I actually just got a black one. I had the blue one, but when I purchased it from Zappos, I filled in my email info to be notified if a black one became available. I hadn't used my blue one yet because I was waiting for the Apple Rain and Stain Repellent to arrive. I got the email 2 days ago that one was available. I ended up exchanging the blue for the black. Don't get me wrong the blue is an amazing color, but I thought about it and I actually wear a lot of blue, so I thought having a blue bag was kind of silly. (wow, sorry this is getting to be a long post, lol) Anyway, the black one came today, as did the spray, so I will let you guys know if they spray helps at all in wet weather, etc. And to **My Life in my Hand** I would just add your contact info to Zappos as well as call around. Good luck to you!
  15. Saw a totally turnlock teri in black yesterday in San Francisco at Bloomingdales on Market St. - Westfield Shopping Center.