caring for raspberry spazz??

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  1. so i got my gorgeous raspberry spazz e/w bays and i was wondering how i should be caring for it. ive heard that the leather can fade to a light pinky colour. is there anyway i can prevent this?
  2. I wanted to reply BMG, but I guess it won't answer your question directly. I have a white spazzoletto Maggie, so I don't have experience of the raspberry.

    My care cards says to collonil, which I do and she's looking good, but is bit prone to picking up tiny black marks - from where I haven't a clue. Don't know if it would be noticeable on raspberry.

    Sorry, I can't help on prevention for possible colour loss...
  3. thanks for the reply.
    i read on the mulberry website and it says nothing about collonil waterstop so i havent risked it.
  4. I had a raspberry bays and I used to buff her alot. Never Colloniled her. I don't think that spazz is the best everyday leather type tbh.

    The fading can occur when one part of the bag is worn more than others, like if you have the sides rubbing on things, and the handles may fade with wear, so I would say as long as you baby her... but having said that rain did my baby no harm!

  5. mmmm thanks.
    i do baby my bags so hopefully it will be fine :smile: