Caring for Hayden Harnett Mercer leather

  1. I just got a Hayden Harnett Mercer Clutch in currant. I love the leather - it's so soft! - but I'm really worried about it getting scratched, stained, or worn. The leather seems really delicate so I'm not sure what to use on it.

    I've read on TPF about lovinmybags products and Apple Garde...has anyone used these on the Mercer leather?

    Also, has anyone used the Coach leather moisturizer on the Mercer leather?
  2. I've used lovinmybags pre-treatment on all my HHs and it works great. I haven't purchased a cleaner from them (I just got some Apple Garde - just to try it out too), but really haven't had a need to. I think that pre-treatment is a good idea on all leather bags and I think because of that, my bags have all been in great shape. And certainly any conditioner/moisterizer would be a great follow-up for care. I have only heard good things about the Coach moisterizers.

    Re. your color, I think the currant is a really durable color. I have a salina pouch from anthropologie in the currant and it's been through rain and handled a lot and still looks brand new. Part of it is the pre-treatment but I also think it's the quality and color of the leather. The HHs that are more "fragile" I think are the saddle and luggage colors.
  3. thanks so much for the advice audball! i'll probably order the lovinmybags pre-treatment...even though i've been using my mercer clutch for a week!

    i did get a few spots of denim rub off on one of the handles from my jacket today, but now i know to be more careful with unwashed dark denim. :shrugs: