Care For an Espresso Anyone??....REVEAL!

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  1. I don't drink coffee....but this espresso is yummy....mmmmm

    My latest LV purchase...quick reveal...


    Won't be long...let me make my espresso...."boiling some hot water"

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  2. irene?
  3. ^^ that's what i'm thinking
  4. mahina?
  5. You girls are spot on.....come and share my espresso...while its still hot!


    ....and with her sister MONO IRENE.....


    will post modelling pics in my next post...won't be long
  6. very nice...congrats!
  7. #7 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    Ahhhh a live one!
    Nice one cheeky_iz!
    Congrats! =)
  8. wow both bags are stunning!! congrats!!!
  9. wowwww beautiful!
  10. fraternal twins- wow! congrats on the new babies...
  11. Amazing buys!
  12. Thank you...Div4life, Lisa, baglover, paulvipervette, drspock7....luuv both of them...

    Below are my modelling pics and ehmmmm....bought inclusion bracelets in brown and praline to compliment the bags...


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  13. HOT!!!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats! both are stunning!
  15. love it!!! the color is so precious! :] congrats!!!