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  1. I have decided that in addition to my Pirata Bambinone and Cucciolo (is that the right name?) that I would also like to purchase a Caramella and Denaro. But, I don't want the same print. I was thinking a Lamore or spiaggia, but I would like one to have the Lamore and one to have Spiaggia.

    My questions are the following:

    1. What prints would you recommend? Foresta looks awesome, as do so many others, which makes it hard to decide!!!

    2. Where do I find them?!

    Thanks for your help! :rolleyes:
  2. i think all look good because the caramella is so large.
  3. I was also thinking that I could skip the Denaro and go with two Caramellas or something similar. I carry alot of junk!
  4. let me see.. i have like a bunch of junk in my caramella, mainly my makeup, and carry it inside another for me it aint too big, i think its perfect. i could never get my stuff into a caramellina. hihihi

    here is mine with the stuff that i currently have in it. :sweatdrop:
  5. yes! it holds a lot. i have cigarettes, lighter, 3 lipsticks, some lipglass from mac, my ipod nano, and some pens. that's only half full.
  6. Now I REALLY want one! I just would like to find Foresta or Amore instead of another Pirata. Does anyone have suggestions of where to look? Is there a Macy's or Nordstrom's in the US I should call, and whom should I speak with?
  7. good luck finding a foresta. the only one ive seen is on ebay for almost 90 bucks. foresta is the holy grail.

    if you find forestas, letme know cause i want one too. :graucho:
  8. my roommate just purchased a foresta ciao ciao i wish i wasn't so cheap!
  9. im bidding on a foresta bocce...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU PEOPLE!! if you planned on outbidding me, dont do it! pleaaaase!!! i dont want a big bag, only a little green! and cheap little green toki bag!! :crybaby:

    i dont wanna spend much cause..just look at my wishlist. and on top of that, im moving out in 4 months and should have some money left for other things other than tokidoki. *sighs* you know the feeling. plus i wanna get my roomie a toki tshirt cause he is the only guy that hasnt said to me tokidoki is stupid. :sad:
  10. Good luck on the foresta bocce ragdollia :smile:
  11. thanks azumie... theres another girl bidding on it so somebody suggested i used...A SNIPER!
    so we'll see. :shrugs: i really dont have much luck for ebay.