Caramella question

  1. Did someone say that caramellas for tutti, familigia, and transporto will only be avaible in hawaii and guam?

    my brother livs in hawaii and will be coming back to the mainland in nov and if there will be caramella in tansporot then i would like him to pick one up for me.

  2. That's what's scheduled for the last three prints (Tutti, Trasporto, Vacanze)!! I really don't know why some prints are only going to continue being sold here...
  3. Tutti caramellas are definitely only available in Hawaii & Guam, why I have no idea :wtf: so stupid. I'm not sure if there will be a transporto or vacanze caramella but famiglia was available here on mainland USA.
  4. I thought they had the tutti caramellas on the mainland too?? Jeny, didnt you get yours there?? Or am I thinking of the wrong person? LOL :lol: I need to get myself a trasporto one!

    I have no idea why they're only sold here.. its really weird. Its the same for the Mamma Mias too... :confused1:
  5. Nope, I got mine from Guam. They're not selling them anywhere frustrating! :cursing:
  6. Does Hawaii and Guam only also apply to Mamma Mias?
  7. Yup. The Tutti MM isn't being sold on the mainland or on-line... so Trasporto and Vacanze shouldn't be either.
  8. Thanks! I wonder why that is... it's so confusing!
  9. Yeah, I know!! I really wonder why...
  10. Its just too confusing.. :confused1: Why are we so special all of a sudden?? LOL hmmm I think I wanna save up for a Vacanze MM :graucho:
  11. I wish I could figure out their logic. It makes no sense that they're not available here. :cursing:
  12. Nobody knows... :shrugs: Its a mystery! I also dont get why they dont make more denaros & caramellas! They're the ones that sell out the quickest!! They should really think about making more..
  13. I couldn't agree more. I have no clue what's wrong with them...makes NO sense to anyone here. They suck!! :lol:
  14. And isn't the Mamma Mia one of the most popular styles? I just don't get it :confused1:

    I wanted a Vacanze Caramella too :sad:
  15. Yup...everyone :heart:'s the MM.... you're not one gets it. :confused1:

    I want a vacanze caramella too :crybaby: