Caramel Anyone???

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  1. today was my package day...kind of embarrassing to get 2 packages and a total of 3 bags and a wallet in ONE day...but hey, once I saw the beauty contained within these cardboard boxes...all embarrassment is LONG forgotten...

    The boxes hiding glory...and yes...this is a back of the Jeep reveal...excuse the dog blanket!

  2. Squeeeee!

  3. Box one is from Belen Echandia, an I'm Yours with matching Angel Purse in petrol...posted all the pictures in the non-tano thread, but will post one here as well...

  4. But seriously...who cares about BE, when there is a TANO box waiting to be opened...

    Here is what it contained...

  5. ^^OK that picture seriously gives me goosebumps!!! :woohoo:
  6. Me too Voo!!


    Need I say more???? I think not!! GORGEOUS!
  7. You asked if anyone wanted some carmel....

    umm... Yes, please! :yes:

    :okay: AWESOME!
  8. Introducing my new Caramel......BOOGIE!!!!


    Lining inside...just for Voodoo!

  9. Bag #2 will be revealed tomorrow...promise...

    I promise TONS of bag porn to make up for the wait...but it's been a good reveal week, so I think I'll make sure we finish the week with a reveal!
  10. OOOOOO!!!!! Look at that yummy Boogie!!!!! OMG she's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wait......what?
  12. OK, first of all --- Gorgeous!! You captured the carmel color so well I want to lick my screen.

    But... what do you mean wait till tomorrow for the second reveal? :confused1::wtf::shrugs: (are you serious?)
  13. Ummm...yea...

    Come all know you love torture by delayed Tano reveals!

    *Ducks as things start flying and hitting the inside of her computer screen from angry tpf members*
  14. And I do LOVE the caramel color...when the boogie poped back up on MHB site this weekend, I snatched it...I had been waiting for a caramel boogie but kind of thought it would be there when I got to getting it...but then it was gone!

    Lesson learned...must buy Tano bags you must have when you can and not wait... is a bit more complete now that caramel boogie is home with me and it's tano siblings...
  15. Did I mention I will have an obscene amount of bag porn tomorrow to make up for the wait???

    Remember the Pretty Woman scene where they are obscene...and Richard Gere says Really offensive...yea...we're talking that kind of bag porn tomorrow...

    Ya'll will love me tomorrow...