Car key fob solution!

  1. So I've been reading some of the threads about how great the vernis key holder is, but I noticed a lot of people were having problems trying to find a place for their key fob (I call it a clicker). Well, I was rummaging around my craft stuff and I came across some clips that got me thinking... Pretty much every LV bag has a d-ring, right? What if I just cliped my key fob to the d-ring so that I could click my car open easily, since the d-rings are right near the top of the purse! I tried it out today and was thrilled with the results. I've attached pictures of my key fob with clip and my car/house keys now neatly stored in my mono cles.

    I'm still thinking about getting the key holder but I'm now leaning more towards a pomme mini ring agenda since I already have the cles and it obviously works great for holding keys. The functions of the cles have been replaced with the zippered part of my new wallet.
    keys1.JPG keys2.JPG keys3.JPG
  2. thanks for the tip!

    also do you mind if I ask you what bag is that in the second pic??? the lining looks fab!!! :biggrin:
  3. It's my mono petite bucket. It just had it's lining replaced last November :yes:
  4. Oooh, love the dentelle wallet.
  5. no way!!! vuittonite lining is leather??!?!?! whoa....... I learn something new I've never been interested in the bucket before so I've never taken a look at it. Well I've only seen the mini lin one and it had canvas lining so I thought all buckets had canvas lining like most LV bags these day.... Anyway, thanks for enlightening me! :p
  6. love the idea of leather on the inside!
    i'd love to see it IRL!
    thanks for the tip!
  7. cute idea! thanks
  8. Great idea, thanks for sharing!
  9. Wonderful idea! One problem... My keys filled up my palm! I know use a mini pochette to store it all!
  10. Thank you!
  11. What a great idea! Makes it easy when switching bags too! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Cool .... thanks for the tip. :love:
  13. cute!! thanks for the tip!!
  14. I've done the same thing. Althought my clicker cam with a ring on it.
    thanks for sharing pic's.

  15. ooohh...great idea!!