Capucines pm or Chanel square mini chevron?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My birthday is coming up and I am set on getting a bag for myself. I have been saving for a while and was set on the Louis Vuitton Capucines pm in black, but I just saw the Chanel mini square chevron in black caviar at my local store the other day, I tried it on and fell in love! Now I´m not sure at all what to get, if I should stick to my plan and get the capucines or get the Chanel. I love both bags and believe I would use both equally. The Chanel will be gone once it sells out and the mini is not even in the permenant collection anymore I believe, but the Vuitton I´ve been trying to get for many years but always bought something else and was set on finally getting it. What should I do, need to decide as soon as possible! Advice will be very appriciated!

    p.s also posted this in the Chanel section
  2. Personally I'm not a fan of the Capucines. It just doesn't suit my style. So I vote Chanel mini!
  3. the lv is a bag that can grow with you, b/c it's more spacious and versatile. the mini is cute, but it isn't practical for all stages of your life imo... you might outgrow it. and the mini is always offered by chanel, but in different colors/leathers, so the exact one you want may not be available, but there will always be a mini to pick from. i'd pick the lv for longevity over a mini, just b/c of the lack of space in the mini and also the lack of options on how to wear it.
  4. I think the Capucines any size is one of LV's most beautiful bags. That takes my vote
  5. My vote's for the mini! I love the chevron caviar combo and those are hard to come by.
  6. I think they're for different purposes- the lv is more versatile just for the fact it's got more space. If I were you I would consider which bag would get the most use (then probably disregard that and just go with whichever made my heart sing lol)
  7. Tough one. I think mini is cheaper then Capu? I Like then both but my voice goes to Capu.
  8. Capucines PM
  9. There is a PM size? I only see BB, MM, and GM.
    I would pick Chanel mini flap.
  10. As much as I LOVE the Chanel mini flap, I would actually get the LV capucines but in bb size...removable strap, roomier, and can be hand carry or worn crossbody.
  11. On the website, the PM also has a removable strap? It looks slightly larger than the BB. I would picks either one of them:smile:
  12. I really love Chanel but I think Capu Pm is far more practical than a square mini.
  13. I think its really down to how you wanna use the bag and which one suit your lifestyle better because there is certainly a huge different in sizes between them.

    Chanel mini will certainly can only carries your essential but the Capu PM will give you more room to spare. Both are very beautiful and well-crafted bags, you wont go wrong with either of them :smile: Good luck deciding op :smile:
  14. vote for capucines pm
  15. Get the Capucines PM because you'll always be thinking about it.