Canyon Ranch??

  1. Who has gone? It comes highly recomended, I was thinking of going in January after the New Year. Is it worth it? Oh and Im on the East coast so I was thinking the Birkshires one....TIA
  2. I went to the Tucson Canyon Ranch a few years ago, so I'm not really a regular. I loved it, but it's pricey. If you want access to cutting edge medical, fitness, and spa experts, it's worth it. You will be dealing with doctors, nurses, trainers, massage therapists, estheticians who are tops. We heard doctors talking about health issues that 6-9 months later were talked about in the mainstream media so they are using the latest and best info available.

    I was so jealous of the people there who go every year or several times a year, but everyone is treated like a valued guest.
  3. Thank you Boxermom, I really need some Personal time, as well as to start a healthier lifestyle, do you think I would be ok going alone?

    I am jealous of those people who go all the time too, and then there is my question to myself...should I go or get a new bag?? haha im sick in the head
  4. Lots of people were there on their own. It's the perfect place for a new beginning to a healthier lifestyle. I'd pick Canyon Ranch time over another bag. There will always be bags, but going to a place that encourages and nourishes the best in us is exactly what we need sometimes.