Canvas pattern wearing away

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  1. This might be totally normal wear and tear, but I just thought I would check with the experts! ;)

    I've noticed that the pattern on my speedy is starting to wear away. It's 5 years old and I use it around a a third of the year so it gets lots of use (as you can tell by the handles!). Is this just something I have to live with?

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  2. Thats happening to my cles too after 2 years of use. No matter how you take care of something you cant get away from wear and tear. The only way to do it is not to use your bag but bags are meant to be worn and not kept in the closet; otherwise its a waste of money. You know havaianas flip flops? They say the print never fades thats why its a bit pricey. They take pride with this fact. Now look what happened to mine after just few months of use! There are still some areas of fading. So much for the print to be forever. Just use the bag and enjoy it. Theres something cute about some bags with history to it and is shown. This s the problem with the azur,they are at risk for fading...
  3. Does this happen to azur prints only?
  4. That's pretty much what I thought, it doesn't really bother me and I kind of like the well used look it now has, I just wanted to check. Thanks for responding!
  5. No, I have also seen Ebene pieces that show a similar type of wear.