Can't wear lipstick?

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  1. This may seem silly but... I can't wear lipstick! I've tried MAC's lip moisturizer, and my lips are not really chapped, or anything. It just gets all flaky on me. I've tried many brands, and I've even bought the same lipstick as friends who swear by them.
    For some reason it is flaky and bleeds over the top of my lips. I am 23, and short/young looking, and when I wear lipstick, I feel like a child dressing up in my mom's make-up. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!!
  2. I've always felt the same way about opaque lipstick, I feel like it looks so theatrical on me. I don't have the same problem with the flaking like you do, but if I want some color, the most I've ever been able to wear and feel ok in is a sheer lipstick or lip gloss, which of course the staying power of both of those with most brands is horrible but it's better than feeling like I look like a clown.
  3. I sort of have the same problem with lipstick. It looks silly for me to wear anything too bold on my lips unless it's the only makeup on my face (besides mascara). I either apply lipbalm first and put a little lipstick on top, or I blot and apply clear lipgloss on top.
  4. Perhaps a very matte lipstick -- almost like a stain?
  5. I have the same problem. I can't wear lipstick. I don't have the flaking problem, but I can never find the right color, and it always looks like I'm dressing up for a play. I usually just wear a very sheer lipgloss.

  6. Same here.

    I do get some dryness/flaking and I always feel like my lips don't breathe when I wear lipstick.

    Maybe a sheer lipstick would work for you OP? Clinique's Almost Lipstick works for me.
  7. ^^ Yeah the Clinique's Almost Lipstick is a good option, also, because of my recent Walgreens clearance hauls, I discovered Revlon Shiny Sheers, which is a good drugstore replacement for the Almost Lipstick.
  8. ^ I'll have to take a look for those. My Walgreens has been having huge sales on make up too, mostly Revlon and Almay.
  9. I think lipstick is very much like heels; it takes practice to get comfortable! I started using RED lipstick in college, so I've never had a problem with intense colors. But there are new lip stains that are like magic markers for your lips. Something like that in a shade close to your natural lips with a gloss over the top might be a great way to start. Then you can start to experiment with one shade deeper and so on.

    As for flakey lips, brushing your lips with a toothbrush and always keeping them moisturized ought to help. And gloss over any sort of lip stain helps make lips look smoother.
  10. I agree that you should start pale and work your way to darker shades. When I was young, I had very pigmented lips and I never wore lipstick. I thought I looked ridiculous, plus I hated the way lipstick made my lips feel "hot" and "coated."

    Now that I'm older, I need color. I started with shades that are very close to my former natural color and now wear darker shades (although rarely a true red, because I still feel silly in super-reds). I wear all types now, but when I first started wearing lipstick, I wore the Revlon Color Stay lipsticks. I rarely had to reapply, plus they were less waxy-feeling.
  11. I was at the Chanel counter yesterday and the SA was telling me about how the "IN" thing is brighter more pigmented lips.. I RARLY ever wear lipstick, always glossimers for me and she knows this but she insisted on playing makeup with me and i did end up buying 2 of the lip sticks from the new collection which are brighter and a new glossimer and i have to say that even though its NOT like me at all, I am super excited to wear it out, lol
    One of the lipsticks i got is fiesta (looks just like the name, lol) and I got the new goldish glossimer to go on top which tones it down some and adds a beautiful gold fleck to it which is really pretty, the glossimer is Beige Guitare.

    Pics from chanel

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  12. The Fiesta with gold over the top will be gorgeous! I am getting braver by wearing deeper pinks and purples. With my coloring, they are the shades that brighten me up.

    For the OP, do try a long-wearing lip color that doesn't have to be reapplied often. They sink into your lips, rather than settling on top.
  13. - I LOVE those shiny sheers! They are halfway between lipstick and lipgloss, and they aren't sticky.
  14. I think it really is all about getting used to how lipstick looks on you. When I was in early college I wore true lipsticks all the time in dark colors with a shiny clear gloss. I remember receiving so many compliments on my lips from guys and girls alike. A couple of years ago I stopped wearing makeup for a bit b/c it was too much effort since I was working out so much and being outside and all and now I feel silly even in dark if it looks too heavy even though its lighter than what most wear. I have even tried the same exact color lipstick I wore when I was in early college and I feel so silly in it even though I know from what I have been told that it looks good. I think its honestly just getting adjusted to it. Good luck!
  15. Have you tried a gloss...Chanel's are wonderful. I use Rimmel lip liner underneath, don't put it on too hard though I can see it would flake. But just a light run over my lips followed by the gloss works fab! Chanel also has a lip cream so your gloss doesn't bleed.