Cant wait!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I am soo bummed out I just finish paying my old debts and it will be a few months until i get my hands on another bbag!! :crybaby:ohh how depressing...:sad:
  2. CONGRATS and don't be sad! There is no better feeling than being debt free!
  3. Yeah! Congrats on a great accomplishment! I won't be debt-free until early next year...LOL

    Which bag are you going to get when you're ready to pay cash?
  4. believe me, i would rather be debt free than swimming in b-bags! congrats on a great accomplishment, really :tup:
  5. Totally agreed with the others. You should revel in your debt-free status!! That probably took a lot of dedication and hardwork. It's tough to maintain willpower and stay strong and not just crumble at the first sight of something pretty!
  6. Good for you!!! Any chance you could talk to my daughter and tell you how you did it?.....:sos:
  7. Congratulations on getting out of debt! Bbags or no bbags, that must be a great feeling of accomplishment... because it is! :woohoo:

    After going a few months without buying a new bag, the thrill is about 100 times greater than when you just get on a roll. (I promise; I've been there.) Don't feel too bad, just think about what to get next!
  8. thank you guys!!

    i am dying for a vert gazon day!!!;)
  9. Seriously, congratulations on getting out of debt. It is wonderful and you shouldn't feel bad because you dont' have a handbag!

    I wish you well,