can't stop obsessing over my speedy!

  1. I absolutely love my speedies and cannot stop thinking about them or looking at them!! You guys are the only ones that could understand because if I started talking about this to my friends (non LV lovers) they would think I was either crazy or just trying to show off! I have the Damier 25 and Mono 30, and I switch on and off with which one is my favorite!! Sometimes I like the Damier 25 better because I usually don't carry that much on a regular basis, I'm petite, I don't have to worry about looking too showy about logos , and I love how classy it looks. Then other days (like today) I love the mono 30 because it is so easy to put things in it and I love how it sags a little and it looks casual yet chic, and somedays I like how it looks a little less serious then Damier, while other days I like Damier better. Seriously I probably spent an average of 1-2 hours a day just looking at them or trying them on! I am so obsessed!!!
  2. hehehe~ I'm right there with ya~

    I FRIGGEN LOVE LOVE LOVE LVOE LOVE LVOE my Azur Speedy 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I :heart: my speedies also. I have a mono 30, damier 30, and a mini lin. They are by far my favorite bags:love:
  4. I love my Speedies. I have the mono 30, MC white 30, black MC 30, Azur 30 and am waiting patiently for my denim Patchwork!!
  5. I just switched back to my Damier 30 speedy today. I sometimes forget how much I love my speedies.
  6. I know what you mean! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my speedies! I want one from every line! My next is the Azur.. can't wait!
  7. I can totally understand! Sometimes I would rather look at it than watch a movie... :popcorn:
  8. ^--- haha~ that made me laugh out loud!

    I want a mono 30 soon. But then again--- I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I totally understand. I have 4 speedys and just love them.
  10. I totally understand too!!! I love my 25. It's my favorite bag ever! :yes:
  11. Yeah, you're not alone. I flippin' love my patchwork!
  12. I love my speedies too!!
  13. Same here, got the damier 25, mono 25 & MC black 30- love them all for different reasons!
  14. I love my mono speedy 25 too! Aren't they the greatest bag?!
  15. I know how you feel- yesterday I took out all my bags just to look at them :shame: