Can't get baby mousse paddy out of my mind

Which Chloe?

  • Mousse baby

  • Whiskey Kerala

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Feb 28, 2006
The title says it all. I went to pick up my Kerala (paid for) but wanted to have a peek at the baby mousse.

Baby mousse and I bonded instantly, even without me holding her while Kerala left me a little cold (although there was a blue leather and canvas version that was gorge).
I did start to bond with the Kerala when I tried it on, but I can't stop thinking about the baby mousse.

The thing is, I only just got the grenat baby.

What should I do? Please answer quickly, I have until tomorrow to decide. I really adore my SA, she is so nice to me and is letting me decide what I want to do.
Oh no good point - you have the grenat baby paddy.

HMMM...the mousse is so different though because of the silver hardware it would not be like having 2 of the same bag.

How are you feeling about kerala today?
The way you describe the mousse, it sounds like you should expand your family with another baby. You could probably get a Kerala later, if you want one as well. And don't give up your grenat baby, she's soooo adorable!:love:
Why feel bad if you can afford it and would use them all.

The only reason not to get both is if you aren't really going to use them all.

You had said you had not warmed up to the Kerala - that would be a reason to return the Kerala.
If you just feel "ok" about the Kerala, then i'd definitely get the mousse baby and save that other money for something else you totally adore. :love:
The mousse baby sounds adorable, so get it and give the grenat a friend! lol
Loganz: Because I feel so futile buying three expensive bags in a month. And I could save the money of the second bag to spend on clothes? :biggrin: Or just save it.

jennifleur: (Cute name btw) I felt OK about the Kerala, then I tried it on my shoulder and it was WOW! The SA took the baby Paddy and it was Come to mommy!