Can't decide, please help!

  1. I bought the LV Tulum PM last weekend at Saks. I still haven't used it yet because I'm concerned about the leather staining from rain. The salesman told me not to put anything on the leather. I have my eye on the MJ Hobo Stam and feel that might be better suited for me because at least the color won't show water spots. What do you guys think?

    Here are pics of the bags side-by-side to compare.
    lv1.jpg mj4.jpg
  2. I prefer leather bags without logos/monograms so I vote for Stam Hobo. =)

    If you are concerned about water spots, maybe, you can get a bag from the Usrula (Patent leather) line. Members mentioned their quilted patent bags endured heavy rains without any problems.
  3. I prefer the hobo Stam--it is much more sophisticated than the LV! Good luck...
  4. That's a tough one. I'm not a fan of LV so you know I'd default to the MJ. But I feel the LV will be more usable in this case, despite the rain.

    Did you try the hobo Stam on? Do you feel that you will be comfortable wearing it?
  5. I agree, the MJ Stam is nice :smile: especially in black
  6. thithi, I did try on the Stam Hobo today at NM. It's very large, and does not have a zipper closure like the LV, but I love how it looked on me. It's just so freaking big, and I'm 5'9"! LoL
  7. I think that LV is one things you either love or don't love. I have LVs and MJs and other types of bags. I don't use my LVs in the rain. If it's raining or a threat of rain, I use another bag. Except for today. I completely forgot it was going to rain and got stuck at the mall with my BH.

    I recommend getting something you know you love AND are going to use. If the vachetta is going to be an issue for you on the Tulum (I own a GM myself), get something else. The Tulum and the Stam hobo are two completely different types of bags. I can't make a decision between them because I like both.
  8. Did you get a chance to try Stam (16 x 11 x 6") with Kisslock and E/W Stam (14.5x7.5x6.5")? They aren't as tall as Stam Hobo (14 x 13 x 5.5").

    If you like the LV purse, maybe you can coat the leather with Water Repellant. I remember members talking about those products.
  9. Practical aspects (like leather durability, etc) aside and just comparing the designs, I like the stam hobo better. I think it's a really unique combination of classic and "right now". Monogram LV is obviously a classic, and I do like that the tulum is not a ubiquitous design like papillon or speedy, but it doesn't make me want to stop and do a double take, which the stam does. You're tall and can definitely pull off the stam hobo!
  10. I'm MJ all the way, not a big fan of LV. I would say go with the stam hobo. I would love to get the black one myself but I'm so broke right now! :nuts:
  11. Thanks all for your opinions. I returned the LV today.
  12. So does that mean you got yourself a pretty Stam hobo???
  13. I bought a black Blake at Bloomingdales today. I like the size of it and it has two zippered compartments that make me feel more secure. That was the only thing that bothered me about the hobo....t's only a magnetic closure.
  14. ^ Ran, congrats!! Did you get this season's Black Blake (gold hardware with blend-in dark grey stiching)? The leather is even better this year.

    If you decide to get a bag from the Stam family, I vote for Stam (with kisslock) over Stam Hobo and E/W Stam. It's beautiful and quite special. =)
  15. Yay! Glad you went with the Blake. That's so classic MJ. Hurry and post pics already so I can drool over it!