Can’t wave in pm or mm???

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  1. Help me decide please!!! I can not decide between the pm or mm. I’m going to primarily use this as an evening purse so I won’t need to fit much. Am I making too big a deal? Do they look the same anyway? If they look the same, I can save a few hundred bucks and just get the smaller size?
  2. Given the design and being that it’s leather bag, it can only be so dressy (it’s not a satin clutch you’ll wear with a black tie dress). In my opinion, in this case one is not going to be a lot dressier than the other; they are both small bags. I would pick the one you like best on you and if you want more versatility (day to night), go with the one that fits more things.
    For a few hundred more, I would go with the MM. I don’t know your lifestyle, but when I buy expensive bags, I like to buy them and be able to use them in as many occasions as I can. The MM is small enough to wear with a dress at night or wear it during the day with a blazer but want to carry a few more essentials with you. I don’t see the advantage of the small one in this case.
    If you want a strictly evening bag, I would go with something dressier than this.
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    For a primary evening purse, I would go with the pm. I think smaller bags go better for evening occasions. It’s more visually appealing.
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  4. MM looks better on you, IMO
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  5. They look very similar size wise that being said I'd recommend the mm. Evening bags do tend to be smaller but I feel like most people would struggle to fit their essentials in it. I feel like the larger size would probably get more use out of it. When you tried them on did you put your stuff into the PM to see that it would fit your bare minimum items? I would do that if you haven't already. My fear would be if you bought the PM and felt like it was too small after using it a few times and then end up not using it often due to the size.
  6. I would go with the MM.
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  7. MM looks better on you.
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  8. mm looks better IMO
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  9. Mm gives you more room to hide snacks in, you know in case food is bland like my companies Christmas party.
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  10. MM. I think the flap on the PM looks too crowded.
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  11. I vote for the MM. :smile:
  12. MM - I have the MM and it holds less than a Twist MM
  13. I think the PM looks better for evening wear.